Welcome to my ꙳little꙳ corner of
the internet.

Hi! I'm Ye Ji.

I'm a sushi chef turned UX/UI Designer, now shaping digital experiences at a startup.

Currently, I'm channeling my passion for design at a startup, serving as both a UX/UI and product designer.

My adventure in design has also led me to collaborate with an international, award-winning custom technology integration firm. Here, I've had the fulfilling opportunity to contribute to the development of a smart home health tech app tailored for seniors, blending technology with care to make a difference in their lives.

Away from Figma, I explore the world and channel my creativity into food — once even making sushi for Pharrell!

My goal is to solve problems and meet user needs with empathy.

✽ other ways i design ✽

These are some of the things that bring me joy in design.


i see it, i like it, i shoot it   📷

let's go


i make cups, tea pots, and homes for plants  🌱

let's go

pen & paint

doodle with me

let's go

temaki chef

i make sushi handrolls

let's go